Project Description

In the last few years as people have transitioned from using box springs, platform beds have become more popular. In the platform bed pictured above, you will notice that the footboard has disappeared and has been replaced with a footrail. The newer and thicker mattresses are place on the platform. This is a surface platform, as the siderails are entirely placed below the mattress. A non-skid carpet pad can be placed below the mattress to keep the mattresses from moving around on the surface. The headboard can be included or not. If there is no headboard, then the headrail would look very similar to the footrail. The side rails are firmly attached to the headboard and footrail in a secure and interlocking way that creates a solid “squeak free” bed. The height of the mattress top and room for storage space below the bed are just a few of the design that customers can define as they create their own custom cottage style bedroom. This style bed is available in any size and with all optional additions.