THE DINING TABLE {with pricing}

Project Description

As in all Custom Cottage furniture our dining table is a simple yet classic design. We make it in our Soft Wormy Maple, Ash or in a true Barnwood from distressed barns taken down in Michigan. The following prices are for new wood. Barnwood and specially selected new wood is an additional 10%.

The price of a table is based upon the size and style.  Add the Top and Base, plus any leaves that are desired.

Top: Minimum $200 [note: the area of the Top includes any leaves that are desired]

Approximate Thickness: 1″ = $20 per square foot;  1.5″ = $25 per square foot;  3″ = $30 per square foot;  4.5″  = $35 per square foot [note: the thickness is the thickness at the edge, not the thickness throughout the top.  A 4.5″ thick table would be very difficult for four people to lift.]

Base: Simple Base = $200;  Trestle Base = $300; Complex Base = $400 [note: items such as turnbuckles and other special hardware are added at cost plus 10%.]

Leaves: Each leaf is $75. [note: the price of the surface area of the leaf is included in the Top.]